Baby bagging

Her Britannic Majesty's Secretary of State requests and requires in the Name of Her Majesty all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary.


  Gabriel Julia Bittern
au au Australia   11    
cl cl Chile   111   
cn cn China   11    
is is Iceland   11    
id id Indonesia   11    
nz nz New Zealand   11    
se se Sweden111      
th th Thailand   111   
ae ae United Arab Emirates   11    
gb gb United Kingdom11111111 
us us United States   111   


  Gabriel Julia Bittern
Overall total

1 2 countries

1 2 overnights

1 2 capitals

1 10 countries

1 10 overnights

1 4 capitals

1 1 countries

1 1 overnights

1 0 capitals


Infrequently asked questions

Can I count countries visited in the womb?
No. You need to be born first.
Who started this stupid game?
You can blame our parents.
Can I count England, Scotland, Wales, Hong Kong, Easter Island (...) separately?
No. Dependencies, territories, subdivisions etc are counted as part of their "parent" countries, for example Hong Kong to China, Wales to United Kingdom and Easter Island to Chile.
Can I count Kosovo, Palestine, Taiwan, South Ossetia...?
We recognise all UN member states (193), UN observer states (Vatican City and Palestine), and states recognised by at least 10 UN member states (Kosovo, Western Sahara, Taiwan).
What about former countries, like East Germany or Czechoslavakia?
We use current boundaries, so if you visited Bratislava in 1981, this currently counts as a bag of Slovakia. If you visited both East and West Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall, you now only get the single bag of Germany.
What if I visit Crimea?
A lively argument will ensue.
Does it count if I'm just changing planes at an airport?
For countries, provided you get off the plane, yes. For capitals, no.
But that's unfair and illogical! You haven't seen a country properly if you just see the airport.
Nobody claimed this game was fair or logical.

Latest activity


A "hexagonal visualisation" of this page is also available. Each country is represented by a hexagon of equal size: here are the maps for Gabriel and Julia.


First bagged by Julia in 2018

Capital: Canberra


First bagged by Julia in 2018

Capital: Santiago


First bagged by Julia in 2018

Capital: Beijing


First bagged by Julia in 2018

Capital: Reykjavik


First bagged by Julia in 2018

Capital: Jakarta

New Zealand

First bagged by Julia in 2018

Capital: Wellington


First bagged by Gabriel in 2018

Capital: Stockholm


First bagged by Julia in 2017

Capital: Bangkok

United Arab Emirates

First bagged by Julia in 2018

Capital: United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

First bagged by Gabriel in 2017

Capital: London

United States

First bagged by Julia in 2018

Capital: Washington DC

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