I love to travel, aiming to visit every country in the world! Photos from my trips can be found on my photos page. Travelogues from some of my longer trips can be found below!

Country bagging

Trying to visit every country on earth.

Mekong 2008

Two months in South-East Asia: Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Asia 2005

The long way home. 85 days of exploration through two continents and 12 countries.

Athens 2004

From archery and athletics to beach volleyball and badminton: a fortnight of sport based on a yacht in Greece.

Baltic 2003

Being kidnapped by a mad Estonian janitor, watching Elvis impersonators on a Baltic Sea ferry and finding a Birmingham City supporter in Riga...

Europe 2002

Ashford to Athens: three people, bigger tent, fewer arguments

Scandinavia 2001

To Hell and Beyond. Three people + one tent = many arguments

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