The crystal challenge

One day a group of teenagers were walking down the high street when they bumped into a young girl and a young boy. The five and a half foot high teenagers thought they would show off and beat them up. Very soon all that was there was bruised children. One had a broken leg and the other had a fractured femur. An old man was looking at the children and went to help them up. They tried to get up but found they couldn't. Very soon their parents arrived and called an ambulance. The old man looked at his pocket watch to see that it was now 10 to 4. he was supposed to have gone to the station at 3 and now he had missed his train. Unexpectedly a police man walked down the street and rushed to to the children. Using his walkie talkie he communicated to the police station and very soon a police car pulled up. The police man took out a stretcher and helped the children to safety. When the two children had recovered they were sent home to their parents. Nobody knew that that the next day, when the boy was doing some gardening he found a crystal. He touched it and he was transported to another planet. The boy was in the year 2002 and the crystal was in the year 1992. That meant that he had no possible way of getting back to 1992. But the clever boy thought that if he made a machine that froze time he would only have to wait 10 centuries before the other people caught up.But then he thought that he would be dead when they caught up. A robot caught sight of him and came over to the boy. The robot greeted him and said "I am the great robot of roboland". The boy followed the robot to a big room where there were a lot of other robots. He led him down to a room where the robot said "Go down there, there are great treasures.
To be continued.......