Europe 2002

From Ashford to Athens

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Bombing it through Belgrade

Alpine adventure (Days 1-4)
Viennese whirl (Days 5-9)
Slovenian theatre (Days 10-12)
Bombing it through Belgrade (Day 13)
Litohoro lazing (Days 14-16)
Olympic ideas (Days 17-19)
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Assisi amblings (Days 22-23)
Breton brouhaha (Days 24-26)
Encore en Foix (Days 27-28)
Barcelona and back (Days 29-31)

Full diary [fast connections]

Day 13: Ljubljana > Zagreb > Belgrade >

A long day.

I'm aware that reading about long boring train journeys is not much fun ... but then, being on long boring train journeys is not much fun.

The day began with the usual shenanigans taking down the tent and making our way to the train station, where we spent our last tolars before boarding the 8:48 to Belgrade.

Waiting for the train

It was just another long boring train journey, though with the addition of the constant thought in the back of our minds that we might get sent back/thrown off the train/arrested because we didn't have a visa.

All was fine as we passed into Croatia and then, eventually, Yugoslavia - a 6 euro visa fee and we were inside.

We rolled into Belgrade 9 hours after leaving Ljubljana, past some appallingly ugly tower blocks and slums - the poverty was obvious. Bradford, all is forgiven.

We strode out into the streets of Belgrade - and promptly strode back into the station. Since we had nowhere to leave our bags we decided it safest to stay in the station and make brief forays into the city.

My search for a cash machine at least showed me the fractionally more attractive side of Belgrade.

Slightly more attractive

However it still seemed quite scary, their habit of using the Cyrillic alphabet on street signs made getting lost a distinct possibility and since none of the ATMs would accept my credit card, we were penniless.

Belgrade station

We were not exactly sad therefore, to see the lights of Belgrade disappear into the distance.

We want to go home

Only the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia now stood between us and civilisation. Well, between us and Greece anyway.